SDCC 2015: Top 3 Fan Experiences

SDCC 2015 Offsite Events

Picture this: you’re dressed up in your favorite Arya Stark cosplay, you’re water dancing, fighting off enemies with your master’s wooden training sword, swinging and dancing like a Bravosi warrior! Imagine this: you’re drinking ale with Viking warriors, celebrating a victorious battle on a longship at sunset! You’re a new S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit, an enhanced, a man or woman with special powers who has just been given a secret code to join Nick Fury’s secret team!

These are three scenarios that could actually happen to you this year at San Diego Comic Con if you decide to take part in an offsite experience! Whether you have a SDCC badge this year or not, you can take part in these awesome events! Listed below are my top 3 choices for offsite experiences that will rock your SDCC world!

Top 3 Offsite Events


Game of Thrones Experience
Thursday 7/9 — Saturday 7/11 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 7/12 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The Omni Hotel 675 L St. San Diego

Last year Game of Thrones fans were treated to free Westeros tattoos, a photo op on the Iron Throne, and a virtual reality experience on The Wall. This year fans get to go through an immersive sword training experience (much like Arya’s water dancing sword training), a GIF booth with dragons and white walkers, and photo ops with costumes and props, like The Mountain’s iconic giant sword.

If you take part in this experience you will be able to boast to all your friends back home that you experienced the realm and survived the realm! Based on photos from last year this is an event you do not want to miss! Take note that this experience will be very popular. The average wait time is around 3 hours, so grab a snack, bring a friend, and get ready to experience the realm!

You can follow this event by tracking the hashtag  #ExperienceTheRealm and by following @GameofThrones on Twitter!


Agents of Shield Secret Warriors
Thursday 7/9 – Saturday  7/11
Convention center floor and outdoor areas

Agents of Shield fans be on the look out for “Shield Ambassadors” who will be roaming the convention center with limited edition “Secret Warriors” pins.

If you are lucky enough to be rewarded with a pin, take a picture of yourself wearing the pin and post it to Twitter using the #SHIELDSecretWarriors. The cast of Agents of Shield will be picking their favorite photos to feature on the Agents of Shield Twitter, so be creative!

How can you find these S.H.I.E.L.D. ambassadors and become one of Fury and Coulson’s Secret Warriors? Follow the official @AgentsOfSHIELD account on Twitter and check their tweets for locations!

Vikings SDCC

2 Vikings Experiences

History Channel’s Vikings is returning to Comic Con this year with two offsite events: Vikings Horns and the Vikings Longship. If you are fan of the show or just want a fun way to sail around San Diego Bay sharing drinks with your friends, be sure to check out these awesome events!

Vinking Horns
Thursday 7/9 – Saturday  7/11
Gaslamp District

As you adventure around downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp District, be on the lookout for Vikings “Brand Ambassadors” and “Shield Maidens” who will be handing out drinking horns. Once you acquire one of these cool horns you can use it to get discounts on drinks at many Gaslamp bars and restaurants, including: Analog Bar, Florent Restaurant & Lounge, East Village Tavern + Bowl and The New Yorker. You can find the full list of bars at the Vikings Booth #437.

Vikings Longship
Friday 7/10 – Saturday  7/11
Gaslamp District

Imagine the most epic Viking pub crawl, and that’s what will be happening on the Vikings Longship this year at SDCC 2015. A Seal Boat will be turned into a longship, carrying passengers around the Gaslamp district, stopping at bars and restaurants. Everyone who finishes the ride will receive a Viking Drinking Horn.

How do you find this Viking Longship? Follow @HistoryVikings on Twitter and ask people working the booth! Also, a few lucky longship passengers will get to sail the San Diego Bay at sunset with the cast of Vikings! This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity so be on the lookout for how to win!

These events are only a few of the amazing offsite events featured at SDCC this year! For a full list of offsite events visit SDCC Unofficial Blog.

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