For Just $100,000, You Could Own A Star Wars Battle Pod

The Star Wars Battle Pod, the first Star Wars-themed arcade game to be released to the public in years, is definitely worth getting excited about. However, if you’re not one for standing in lines, you can actually buy a Pod of your own. Namco Bandai plans on making the arcade game available in Japan, Europe and the United States.

There’s a premium model that’s priced at about $100,000—I know that’s pretty steep, but the unit comes with a bunch of fancy features. The premium Pods feature one of two designs: a Rebel helmet version or a Darth Vader-themed one. They boast movable leather seats, carpeting, a custom owner’s manual and a special plaque with the owner’s name (the owner’s name will also pop up in the credits scroll too).

If you don’t happen to have an extra hundred grand lying around, you can always shell out the dough for the standard model, which is priced at a cool $37,000. That’s still a hefty price tag, but the Pod does let you take part in some of the greatest Star Wars battles ever depicted in film. That’s worth a few grand, right?

[Source: Kotaku]