Lucy Lane ‘Superwoman’ coming to Supergirl

Supergirl isn’t the only super heroine coming to CBS this fall. According to TVLine,
Lucy Lane (not yet cast) will debut in episode three of Supergirl. Lucy Lane is Lois Lane’s younger sister, Jimmy Olsen’s ex-girlfriend and possibly a future Superwoman. 

In the comics, Lucy’s relationship with Jimmy Olsen goes as far back as the 1950’s. They have a long history of dating. Her metamorphosis into the metahuman Superwoman wasn’t introduced until much more recently. Lucy’s greatest weakness has always been letting herself live in the shadow of her older sister Lois. No word if Lois will make an appearance on the show, but it’s likely she will be referenced.

Lucy’s introduction on Supergirl brings up some interesting questions: Will her presence in National City create a love triangle between Kara, Jimmy and herself? Will she be visiting for one episode or will she be a recurring guest character? Does her appearance on the show mean even more Superman characters coming? Lastly, will they tease her future as Superwoman, or will that be held back for a few seasons?

I reached out to a few friends on Twitter to get their feedback on Lucy Lane’s appearance on the show:

Supergirl premiers Monday October 26 at 8p.m. on CBS.