Geek Feet – Geeky Shoes Make Us Smile

To quote the venerable Forrest Gump: “You can tella lot about a person by their shoes.”  

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just not possible or appropriate to sport your favorite geek allegiance in t-shirt form. For instance, you wouldn’t wear your favorite Horde hoody to that big job interview, what if the boss man was an Alliance fan? Fret not, you can always class things up a notch with some geektastic footwear. Your shoes can be the window to your sole (see what I did there?)  Check these out:

Some Fierce Frozen / Adventure Time Heels – By ESKJ.Shoes.Art geeky_shoes_04 geeky_shoes_01


Check out these Retro Mario Vans slip-ons by CustomPlainJane



Basically anything at Bobsmade is worth owning. Here are some sweet Pokémon shoes followed by some custom painted World of Warcraft kicks.



There is a great sub culture of custom shoe painting happening all over the internet. If you can dream it up, someone will most likely be happy to create some custom kicks just for you. A quick google search for “custom [insert favorite fandom] shoes” will return plenty of inspiration and purchasing options!

What’s on your feet?