Crystal Pepsi Making A Comeback?!

“Right now, hey
It’s your tomorrow
Right now,
C’mon, it’s everything”

These lyrics to Van Halen’s “Right Now” remind me of only one thing – Crystal Pepsi. If you were around in the 90’s you most likely remember the commercial.  You either loved or hated the clear soda and unfortunately it was short lived.  BUT if you loved the drink, you are in luck.  Rumor has it’s coming back!

For a drink that met it’s demise in the 90’s, it has maintained quite the loyal fanbase.  Maybe the biggest fan of them all is Kevin Strahle, aka L.A. Beast.  He’s been rallying for the return of Crystal Pepsi for a very long time and this week they sent him a letter, which he posted on Twitter.  You can read the full letter here but the most important part was this sentence: “We definitely hear you and all your followers and we think you’ll all be happy with what’s in store.”

PepsiCo has confirmed the letter is real and their representative wouldn’t give any other details other than “We think Crystal Pepsi fans are going to be happy with what we have planned.”